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AI Policy

Myple’s approach to AI-related products, including the development, deployment, and usage of its AI products and features. With the rise of AI, Myple has developed new products and features designed to help developers rapidly create their next website or project. Our innovative tools harness the latest advancements in AI technology to provide a seamless and accelerated development experience. This policy outlines Myple’s approach to AI-related products, including the development, deployment, and usage of its AI products and features.

AI Development at Myple

Myple’s products are trained on custom code our team has written mixed with open-source and synthetic datasets. Myple may use user-generated prompts and/or content as inputs to the learning models from third-party providers to improve our products. Using this data gives Myple the ability to provide more accurate and relevant recommendations to our users.

Security, Privacy, and Trust

Myple strives to develop and deploy AI technologies and products that align with ethical, moral, and legal standards, and to promote a safe and respectful environment for all users. We take our responsibility seriously to protect user data and be transparent over how such data is used. When using our AI-related products, please note the following disclosures:

Features that rely on third-party AI platforms will be disclosed through a special marker, designation, hovering-enabled explanatory note, codebase, or other form of notification as determined by Myple. We collect and use personal data as set forth in our Privacy Policy. If you input personal data into our AI products, your personal data will be processed via any AI third-party providers. Users can contact us at [email protected] with questions. Except for user-generated prompts and/or content as inputs, Myple does not use customer data, including the code related to the use of Myple’s deployment services, to train or finetune any models used. We periodically review and update our policies and procedures in an effort to comply with applicable data protection regulations and industry standards. We use reasonable measures designed to maintain the safety of users and avoid harm to people and the environment. Myple’s design and development process includes considerations for ethical, security, and regulatory requirements with certain safeguards to prevent and report misuse or abuse. Third-Party Service Providers In providing AI products and services, we leverage various third-party providers in the AI space to enhance our services and capabilities, and will continue to do so for certain product features.

This page will be updated from time to time with information about Myple’s use of AI. The current list of third-party AI providers integrated into Myple is as follows:

We use the above providers to help users generate websites with the corresponding markup and build conversational and/or generative services and applications. The information that is disclosed to these service providers through Myple’s AI-enabled products includes user-input chat and prompt content, result, rating of user generations, and interactions with user generations. Your use of Myple’s AI-enabled products is also governed by the terms of use, code of conduct, and policies with these third-party service providers located on each provider’s websites.

Acceptable Use

Myple’s products are intended to provide helpful and respectful responses to user prompts and queries. We don’t allow the use of our AI tools, products and services for the following usages:

Illegal or malicious activity

Inauthentic, deceptive, or impersonation behavior Prompt injection, or any attempt to discover Myple AI products or services’ source code Any other use that would violate Myple’s standard published policies, codes of conduct, or terms of service. Any violation of this Myple AI Policy or any Myple policies or terms of service may result in termination of use of services at Myple’s sole discretion. We will review and update this Myple AI Policy so that it remains relevant and effective. If you would like to discuss our acceptable use policy, please reach out to [email protected].

Additionally, if you or your business is using or deploying our AI products and services as part of providing legal, medical, or financial advice to consumers, we ask that you implement the safety measures listed below:

Human-in-the-loop: Any content that is provided to your consumers must be reviewed by a qualified professional in that field prior to dissemination. You or your business is responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of that information.

Disclosure: you must disclose to your customers that you are using Myple’s services to help inform your decisions or recommendations.

If your business is using or deploying Myple’s AI-related products as part of an automated service where your external customers or users interact directly with our products, for example chatbots, you must disclose to your users that they are interacting with an AI system rather than a human.

More Information

To learn more about Myple’s integration of AI capabilities into products and features, check out the following resources:

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