Myple 1.1.0 Release

Fresh out the oven

  • Prompt templates Use the new intuitive UI to create prompts for your applications.
  • Weaviate and Chromadb support You can now create collections in Weaviate and Chromadb databases.
  • Notifications and alerts Get notified and manage alerts in the new setting / notifications tab.
  • Documentation Check out the new documentation for guides and tutorials.
  • API keys Manage your API keys in the settings section.
  • Sidebar is now collapsible You can now collapse the sidebar for a more focused view.
  • Cloudflare Turnstile We’ve added Cloudflare Turnstile for better security on login and sign up pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Change the user profile picture now works as expected.
  • Fixed rare data hiccups during file upload in the storage section.
  • Myple is now even friendly with older browsers.